Webex Instant Connect

Cisco Webex Instant Connect is a supported integration to enable Virtual Care telehealth functionality in the PlaceOS VirtualCare platform.

To use the VirtualCare platform with Cisco Webex Instant Connect, you must have an existing Webex Account with Ba paid licensing plan as a minimum. Administrator access to the Webex Domain is required to configure Instant Connect.

Configure Instant Connect

  1. To configure Instant Connect, visit: https://instant.webex.com/virtualcare

  2. Click 'Begin Virtual Care Integration'.

  3. Sign in with a Webex Administrator Account.

  4. Follow the Instant Connect instructions.

Instant Connect will create all the necessary components in your Webex Domain.

Configure PlaceOS

To connect PlaceOS with Instant Connect, you will require the aud key provided by Cisco.

Once you have the aud supply this to PlaceOS and we will complete the necessary integration on the platform.

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