365 Room Resources on Azure B2C

As Azure B2C does not explicitly provide us access to end user calendars, or a tenant for room resources you may optionally configure a 365 Tenant to be used for room booking/reservations.

To configure PlaceOS for integration with 365 Calendars, follow the existing instructions for integrating PlaceOS with 365.

Access Control Restrictions are NOT required for 365 Room Resources when using Azure B2C - this steps in the Configuring PlaceOS for Calendar Access on Microsoft 365 may be skipped.

Once Calendar Access has been configured, you will need to configure room resources to accept external meeting requests, this is done via PowerShell:

Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $true

For example:

PS> Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $true

cmdlet Set-CalendarProcessing at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
Identity: room01_01l6yy.onmicrosoft.com

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