X-API Keys

PlaceOS can generate API Keys for authenticated access.

The API keys can be used for:


  • Administrator access to your PlaceOS Backoffice

Generate API Key

  1. Login to PlaceOS Backoffice

  2. Navigate to the Admin Tab

  3. Select the domain the API Key will belong to

  4. Any existing API Keys will be shown in the list

  5. Enter the required information:

    • Name: Suitable name for the API Key

    • Description: What the key will be used for (useful for other administrators)

    • Scopes: Select from available scopes (see available scopes below)

    • User: The user in which the API Key will emulate

  6. Click Save

Available Scopes

Available Scopes for API Keys are:

  • public A special scope that can access all routes (supports read and write modifiers)

  • api_keys

  • ldap_authentication

  • saml_authentication

  • o_auth_authentication

  • o_auth_applications

  • brokers

  • cluster

  • domains

  • drivers

  • settings

  • modules

  • guests A special scope for guests that provides access to some APIs

  • systems

  • control .read: module class types, function list of a module, module state lookup .write: control websocket, API execute request

  • edges

  • metadata

  • repositories

Available Permissions

  • scope.read

  • scope.write

Using the API Key

API Keys are typically passed in the header of the request, however can be used in the following ways

  1. HTTP Header: X-API-Key: <token>

  2. URL param: ?api-key=<token>

  3. A HTTP Cookie: api-key=<token>

Removing an API Key

  1. Navigate to the API Key Page in Backoffice located in the Admin Tab.

Scopes for Common Applications

X-API Keys can be used for unattended panel authentication, scopes are required for these applications to function. The table below outlines common applications that require API Keys and the associated scopes.


Booking Panel




zones.read (optional) `metadata.read` (optional)

Map Kiosk


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