Location Services

Overview on Location Services Integration on PlaceOS

Location services

Location services are any driver that support the Locatable Interface
The Location Service driver collects the responses of locatable modules in the same system and returns this as the result of a location search.

Response types

The frontend translates the search responses into a pin on a map. These are the supported formats:

X,Y Location

Such as a location calculated by a wireless network
"location": "wireless",
"coordinates_from": "bottom-left",
"x": 27.113065326953013,
"y": 36.85052447328469,
"lon": 55.27498749637098,
"lat": 25.20090608906493,
"mac": "66e0fd1279ce",
"variance": 4.5194575835650745,
"last_seen": 1601555879,
"building": "zone-EmWLJNm0i~6",
"level": "zone-Epaq-dE1DaH",
"map_width": 1234.2,
"map_height": 123.8,
# driver can include additional data to help with debugging
"meraki_floor_id": "g_727894289736675",
"meraki_floor_name": "BUILDING Name - L2"

Map Feature

Such as a desk
"location": "desk",
# the count of people at the location, desks will typically be 0 or 1
# however other location types could have more
"at_location": 1,
"map_id": "desk-4-1006",
"level": "zone_1234",
"building": "zone_1234",
# if provided can be used to look up user details
"mac": "66e0fd1279ce",
# provided if known
"capacity": 1


Such as an event in a meeting room
"location": "meeting",
"event_id": "meet-1234567",
"map_id": "map-1234",
"sys_id": "sys-id",
"ends_at": 1234567,
"private": false,
"level": "zone-GAgFNk8vm67",
"building": "zone-GAf3dfZq80~"
# Or for a desk or car-space booking etc
# where the asset ID is the map id
"location": "booking",
"checked_in": false,
"asset_id": "desk-4-1006"
"booking_id": "booking-4567",
"building": "zone_1234",
"level": "zone_1234",
"ends_at": 1234567,
"mac": "placeos-user-id",
"staff_email": "bob@tmart",
"staff_name": "Bob Jane"


Any lockers that are in use on the floor
"location": "locker",
"bank_id": "bank-id",
"locker_id": "locker-id",
"allocated": true,
"building": "zone_1234",
"level": "zone_1234",
# if the locker booking expires
expires_at: 1234567,
# something we can use to look up the user, might not be available
"mac": "bank-id-locker-id-etc"

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