Testing Internal Builds

Internal builds for all product service images are available on ghcr.io. These publish on every push to our service repos on GitHub and are tagged with the associated branch name.

Access is restricted to the outside world to help prevent accidental use. To authenticate:

  1. Create a Personal Access Token (PAT) with read:packages access only.

  2. Run docker login ghcr.io on your machine. This will prompt you for your GitHub username, and a password. Use the PAT you created above.

Dev builds will now be available by prefixing the image name with ghcr.io. For example, if you would like to test branch foo from core, the image tag is ghcr.io/placeos/core:foo.

  1. edit the .env file in your development environment

  2. replace ${PLACEOS_TAG} with the test branch, i.e. ghcr.io/placeos/core:foo

  3. pull down the internal image docker-compose pull

  4. run the new image docker-compose up -d

These must not be used on external infrastructure, but are suitable for internal testing and experimentation. For external development use, platform nightly builds are available on Docker Hub. Extending the example above, core can be accessed there via placeos/core:nightly. Similarly the latest stable build can be found simply as placeos/core.

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