Programmatically interacting with locker systems via the Lockers interface

PlaceOS provides an interface to locker systems to simplify interactions and allow code reuse.


  • it's recommended to use users SSO email addresses as the user_id this includes owner_id and share_with parameters

  • an example implementation of the lockers interface include Vecos Releezme

  • abstract methods should implement security protections and not be used directly by frontends the public methods are provided by the interface for user interfaces

Interface Overview

All drivers implementing the Lockers Interface need to implement the following functions:


This allocates a locker to the specified user, without delay. If the locker system supports it you can specify an expiry time.


This returns the locker to the pool of available lockers.


This lists the lockers allocated to the user specified


Shares an allocated locker with another user


Unshares an allocated locker from an individual or all users that a locker had been shared with


This lists the users that have shared access to the locker, returning a list of PlaceOS ids that are preferred by the system. Typically a user emails.


unlocks a locker, can accept a pin as a check to confirm the user has access

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