Configure Endpoint Auto Login

Allow automatic or unatteded authentication for PlaceOS Frontend Applications

PlaceOS requires all interactions to be authenticated and associated with a specific identity. This includes fixed devices such as visitor sign-in kiosks or public information displays. Endpoint auto-login can provide persistent sessions for this style of shared device.

When PlaceOS uses an external Identity Provider with unattended device login, it should use a standard SSO flow. Auto-login provides an option for devices or environments which may not support this.


  1. Confirm the final UAT and PROD URLs of the web apps

  2. Ensure that the DNS entries for these URLs are active and forwarding to the server(s)

  3. Ensure that the SSL certificates for the above domains are signed and recognized as secure

Step 1: Create a local user account

  1. Login as an admin to Backoffice

  2. On the Users click Add new

  3. Enter the required information, including a descriptive username (e.g. Touchpanel User)

  4. Enter an email address (this does not need to be an active address)

  5. No password required

Step 2: Create an X-API-Key for panel authentication

Follow the X-API-Key guide, specifying the service account created in the previous step

Step 3: Construct URL for Applications

Most PlaceOS applications can be passed a the API Key as a query parameter, so a destination URL such as:


Would be encoded and configured as the continue param:


The application will use the API key for authentication and will display a bootstrap page for system selection, unless provided additional params that specify a system.

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