Bookings Driver

How to Configure the Bookings Driver on PlaceOS

The primary purpose of the Bookings Driver is to enable room booking panels, kiosks and space maps.

Best practice is to add the Bookings Driver to every system on PlaceOS that supports room booking.


  • Administrator access to your PlaceOS Backoffice

  • PlaceOS Drivers Repository Configured in Backoffice

  • Systems have a valid calendar resource address from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

Add Driver

Before we can use the PlaceOS Bookings Driver we must instantiate it as a driver.

  1. Navigate to the Drivers tab

  2. Click the + icon to add a new driver

  3. Select PlaceOS Drivers Repository

  4. Select the drivers > place > Driver Base

  5. Select the latest commit

Add to Systems

You need to instantiate a single instance of the PlaceOS Bookings Driver in each system that has a bookable space.

  1. Navigate to a bookable system

  2. Select the Modules tab

  3. Click Add New

  4. Select PlaceOS Bookings

  5. Click Save

  6. Click the Black Dot next to the Module to start it

Test Module

You can test by creating a booking and inspecting the state of the Bookings Driver.

Inspecting the state will return a JSON response of all bookings for that systems calendar resource.

In the example below, you will see a positive response with a calendar booking.

Status Variables




true when there is a current (start time < current time < end time)



true from pending_before mins before an event start time until the event start time OR until checkin / start_meeting is executed.



true from the event start time until pending_period mins after the event start time OR until checkin / start_meeting is executed.



true when either current_pending or next_pending is true



true when booked AND NOT pending (means that the current event has been checked in via checkin OR start_meeting functions)


free, pending, busy

Describes the current status of the room


List of settings can be found in the driver source:

SettingDefault Value


5 (mins)

Number of minutes BEFORE the Booking start time until the status changes from free to pending


5 (mins)

Number of minutes AFTER the Booking start time until status changes from pending to free



Exposes a disable_end_meeting status variable such that frontends like PlaceOS template Bookings can detect it and enable/disable it's auto event cancellation functionality (frontend will exec end_meeting causing the current event to be truncated to the current time, freeing up the room (in case of no shows).

Example config

pending_before: 5,
pending_period: 0,
disable_end_meeting: false,

This will make status change to pending 5 mins before the booking start time. Then change to busy at the booking start time.

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