Asset Manager

Getting started with PlaceOS Asset Manager

PlaceOS Asset Manager allows you to create assets and asset categories and allow users to book these assets for events. Assets might include digital whiteboards, presenter technology, additional furniture etc.

Asset Manager is configured via the Concierge Application.

Important Definitions

It is important to note the use of words within Asset Manager.

Product: A product is the tangible item i.e. Microsoft Surface Hub and will contain many assets.

Asset: An asset is a purchased product in your inventory that may be booked by users.

Add a Product

Products are added via PlaceOS Concierge. Navigate to your concierge application.

1. Select Asset Manager from the navigation bar

2. Click on Products

3. Click on Add Product

4. Enter a name for your product

5. Click on Technology

6. Enter a description

This description will be visible to users in Workplace App

7. Optionally add images

8. Click on Save

Adding Assets

Creating a Purchase Order

To create an asset, it must have a valid purchase order reference.

1. Click on Products

2. Select a Product

3. Click the Purchase Information tab

4. Click on Add Purchase Order

5. Enter your Order Number

6. Enter your Invoice Number

7. Select a Purchase Date

8. Optionally modify the service start date

9. Optionally change the service end date

10. Click on Save

Adding an Asset

1. Click on Products

2. Select a Product

3. Click on tab

4. Click on Add Asset

5. Enter the Serial Number

6. Optionally enter a barcode or internal tracking ID

7. Select a purchase order for this asset

8. Optionally enter a purchase price

9. Click on Save

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