Configure SAML2 with Auth0

Steps required for enabling SAML2 sign on for PlaceOS with Auth0

Use this page in tandem with Configuring PlaceOS for SAML2 if you are using Auth0 domains for SSO. You should follow Auth0 instructions to a register a single-page-app for SAML SSO using Auth0.


  • The Name of the application can be the domain name of your instance of PlaceOS

  • On the Addons tab, enable SAML2 Web App and use these steps as a guide

  • Set the Application Callback URL to match the Assertion URL in PlaceOS, e.g. https://auth/adfs/callback?id=adfs-XXXXXX

  • Paste in the below for Settings:

      "mappings": {
          "email": "",
          "first_name": "",
          "last_name": "",
          "login_name": ""

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