PlaceOS Documentation

Explanations, how-to guides, tutorials and technical references for working with and building on PlaceOS.

PlaceOS is a software platform which enriches interaction with physical space. It provides tools to design, build and iterate integrated digital experiences for physical environments. To do this, it merges any and all elements - from lighting and AV to entire BMS - without the legacy baggage.

Integration of disparate systems, devices and services forms a seamless experience for your space.

Automation boosts workplace efficiency and ease of use for any space.

Iteration lets your space constantly improve and grow with you and your needs.

Sections of this site

The documentation for PlaceOS is split into 4 categories.

See the overview for high-level coverage of topic areas.

Try a tutorial to learn in more detail about a process or feature.

Read a how-to guide for docs to help you with a specific task.

See the reference material for detailed technical docs.

Videos and Demonstration Apps

You can watch a short or in-depth video demonstrating the functions of PlaceOS Backoffice.

Take our Workplace or Concierge Demo Apps for a spin.

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