Configure Kontakt IO

A guide on configuring Kontakt IO Integration with PlaceOS

Kontakt IO offer a range of sensors that can be integrated with PlaceOS to:

  • Manage Room Auto-Release (no-show bookings).

  • Presence detection.

  • People Counting.

  • Desk Occupancy.


  • KontaktIO API Key.

  • Created a Service System for your Org.

  • Added and configured the PlaceOS Location Services driver to your services system.

  • Added and configured the PlaceOS Area Manager driver to your services system.

Add Required Service Drivers

The first step in configuring Kontakt IO integration is to add the required drivers.

These drivers should be added to your services or tracking system, typically denoted by `*ORG Name Services`.

1. Select your Services System

2. Click on Modules

3. Click on Add new

4. Search for the Kontakt IO Cloud API module

5. Click on Save…

6. Click on Add new

7. Find the KontaktIO Sensor Service module

8. Click on Save…

Configure Cloud API Module

1. From the services system, click on Kontakt IO Cloud API module

2. Click Encrypted tab

3. Enter your Kontakt IO API Key as kio_api_key:

4. Click on Save [S]

5. Start the Kontakt API Module

6. Under Execute Command select KontaktIO 1

7. Select the Rooms Method

8. Click on Execute

9. Inspect the results, this should contain information about your Kontakt environment confirming you are now connected to the API Service.

Configure Kontakt Sensor Service

1. In your Services System, Execute command on KontaktIO 1 Module

2. Select campuses method

3. Click on Execute

4. Click on View

5. Copy this data as you will require it in the next step.

6. Click on close

7. On the services system, click on KontaktIO Sensor Service module

8. Click on Unecrypted

9. under floor_mappings: insert the level id from the Kontakt IO data copied in Step 5. You will need to repeat this metadata key for each floor.

10. Enter your PlaceOS Building Zone ID

11. Enter your PlaceOS Level Zone ID

12. Enter a friendly name for the Level

Add Room Sensor Drivers

Each room you would like to leverage occupancy and auto-release functionality will require the Kontakt IO Room Sensor Driver.

1. Click on Systems

2. Select a Bookable Room system

3. Click on Modules

4. Click on Add new

5. Search for the KontaktIO Room Sensor Driver

6. Click on Save…

7. Start the Module

8. Navigate to the About tab

9. Add the space_ref_id element.

The space_ref_id element can be found by executing the rooms method on the Kontakt IO API Module in your services system. As this is a string, ensure it is wrapped in quotation marks.

Configure Auto Release Rooms

We need to modify a couple of settings to ensure PlaceOS can release booked rooms when no presence is detected via the Kontakt IO Service.

Settings that are required:




Number of minutes the room will remain pending until the reservation is cancelled due to no presence.

Zone: Org, Building, Level



The number of minutes prior to a scheduled meeting it will show in the Pending state.

Zone: Org, Building, Level



Allows PlaceOS to cancel meetings where no presence is detected.

Zone: Org, Building, Level

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