Workplace App

Overview of the PlaceOS Workplace App

The Workplace App is the primary user interface for end users to interact with the PlaceOS Platform and facilitates a range of functions, including:

  • Room Booking

  • Desk Booking

  • Locker Booking

  • Car Park Booking

  • Building Floor Plans

  • Real Time Location

  • Room Status

  • Your Bookings


The Workplace app is typically configured at the base route of your PlaceOS Deployment i.e. it may also be accessed via

This is configured by the directory of the application configured for the relevant domain per the Deploy a Frontend Interface guide.

Some instances may also have a development interface, pulling from the development branch, this is typically configured as

Set The Base Route

If you would like the Workplace App to be the default base route of your deployment, you must configure a default app on the domain.

1. Navigate to PlaceOS Backoffice

2. Click on Domains

3. Select your Domain

4. Click into the Config Metadata

5. Add the default_app parameter

Configure the default_app parameter to the folder for the workplace app, typically /workplace/

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